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WRCh Earners

'#' Date Earned Call Name Registered Name Owner Name Birth Day
285   10-22-2016   AJ  Cyclonic AJ Kaboom  Rita & Daryl Schuerman  12-12-2015
286   11-5-2016   Reddi-H  Carbeth Half Moon Image  Bob Husted  5-26-2013
287   11-26-2016   Sugar-F  Cyclonic Sugar Smack  Kathy Fishburn  12-12-2014
288   4-22-2017   Reba  Cyclonic Spit Fire CC  Sondra Ragsdale  12-12-2014
289   6-17-2017   Kashi  Cyclonic Strictly Kashi Go Lean  Melinda Soules  12-12-2014
290   7-1-2017   Sizzle-K  Carbeth Hot Date At The Inn  Caroline Kirchner  5-26-2013

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