The only criteria for having a photo included here is that it be of "a finish" at a WRA meet.  Photos gratefully accepted from any and all photographers, amateur or professional.

Photo to the left was taken at the GCWC race meet held on 04/26/03 in conjunction with the AWC National.  I didn't make a note of which program or race, but the dogs are:  #1  Flag, owned by Linda and Dick Statler;  #2  Duffy, owned by Pat Burlingame;  #3  Murphy, owned by Kiesha Crawmer;  #4  Chester, owned by Ron and Susan Murphy;  #5  Snowball, owned by Seth and Lee Hayes; and #6  Mack owned by Sergio Morrero

Both of these photos were taken on 08/07/04 at GLWRC; Program 3 Race 3.  The dogs are:  #1  Cassie owned by Karen Estis;  #2  Tickle owned by Jamie & Amy Henry & Mary McGee;  #4  Simon owned by Kris Goodman;  #5  Ozzie-W owned by Mike and Dawn Wilson;  and #6  Uno owned by Kris Goodman and Mike & Kathy Slater (I think).

The third program hi-point, also from GLWRC on 08/07/04.  Dogs are:  #1  Flag, owned by Linda & Dick Statler;  #2  Darby owned by Vicki Lamb;  #3  Bella, owned by Bruce Irvine;  #4  Topanga, owned by Les & Mitzi Banks;  #5  Meekah, owned by Judy Lowther and Karen Rockwell; and #6  Shelby, owned by Jane Heenan.
Photo by Dan Gauss, Shot-on-Site Photography.

Program 3, Race 3       NCC, Oberlin, OH     07/09/05

Dogs are #3 Zep owned by Ann Kelsey, #6 McGee owned by Sue Weilbacher, and #4 Gibby owned by Pam LeClair..