In honor of the one that started it all, Farseer Cochiti ORC FCh CRX-IV RATN DE SNC SE HF SPT. Holder of 6 world records including one acknowledged by The Guinness Book of World Records on August 3rd, 2012 Truly, a pioneering whippet in the wonderful world of dock diving. He shows that there is no limit to what our wonderful breed is capable of doing. This trophy is to honor those whippets that have also found their love of water! Qualifying to win the "Cochiti Trophy" 1) Must be a whippet 2) Must finish all programs 3) Must have a title in a recognized diving dog organization 4)Winner will be the highest scoring whippet with a distance dock diving title 5) This will be awarded at the WRA National, ever year, for 15 years, beginning in 2018 6) Trophy will be a plaque, with name plates, which will have the year, dog's call/registered name and owner(s) name 7) Winner will receive a customized bumper 8) This is a traveling trophy, it goes home with the winner for one year. The winner is responisble for getting it to the next years WRA National.

First presented in 2018.

Past Winners

Year Call Name Registered Name Owner
2018 Chatter Shannon Down Talk of the Town Mike Burch & Susan Fife
2019 Tedder Shannon Down He Said, She Said Susan Fife and Mike Burch
2021 Rogue Wildtuck's Interstellar Overdrive Matt Manetti
2022 Axl Jammin' Sweet Chai O' Mine Jenna Eberl
2023 Axl Jammin' Sweet Chai O' Mine Jenna Eberl