The Dreams Trophy is presented to the Best Puppy in the meet.

Back in 2001, when I first started thinking about this trophy, there had been five WRA National Race Meets, with five puppy winners.  I was lucky enough to own two of those winners, who went on to stellar racing careers. 

The fawn puppy is Hawk, who was the 1997 Best Puppy and grew up to be Whillo B's Hawk by Windyglen WRChX, ORC, FCh; the red puppy is Carmen, who was the 1999 Best Puppy and grew up to be Vitesse's Kiss-N-Tell SORC-II, WRCh. 

Thanks to Yvonne Sovereign, artist extraordinaire, who took my thoughts, and puppy pictures and came up with this painting "Dreams Can Come True".  A 9 x 12" print, matted to 11 x 14, will be awarded to the WRA Best Puppy each year, beginning in 2003.

May all your puppies fulfill both your dreams and theirs.

                                                                            Judy Lowther, Pfyre Whippets

Past Winners

2003 Cody Windyglen's Kodak Moment Lindsey Lobree
2004 Caligula Vitesse Caligula D'Mar Mary Cuthrell
2005 Prowler Domino Tawny Owl Donna Miner
2006 Mimi Rosewood's Screaming Mimi Kathy Slater