The Flyer trophy is given in honor of Flyer, FC Pfyre's High Flyin Dreamer LCM, CRX, by Judy Lowther, to recognize the average dog.  The "C" dog that isn't in the bottom 10, and rarely makes the top 10.  The dog that may occasionally get a prize for Hi-Scoring FCh, Bench Ch, CD or Highest C out of the top 10, but for the most part only serves to build points.  The dog that loves/lives to run and has a ball, but is rarely acknowledged.  It will be given each year at the WRA National Race Meet, to the dog that starts the meet with a "C" grade, finishes all 4 programs and ends the day with the score closest to, but no higher than 7.5 points.  In the case of a tie, it will go to the dog that comes off the board first.  It was first presented in 2001.

Past Winners

2001 Maddie Tru-Luv Wyndancer Madame Blu Libby Rice
2002 Richter Queenie's Mr Earthquake WRCh Mike and Dawn Wilson
2003 Swift Crosswind Swiftfoot Kathy Kennedy
2004 Bayou Lyth Bayou Carolynn Bates
2005 Mr Darcy Mr Darcy of Wyndsor Frank Herald & Jean Balint
2006 Lorca Kentfield Crixa Lorca  Merrill Woolf