The Nitro Trophy

Awarded to the highest CRX level dog that finishes the meet

This award is being presented in honor of Queenie's Wndcr Caffeine Blast, FCCh, OTR, CRX-XI. The Greater St. Louis Whippet Club and Show-Me Whippet Club are proud to sponsor this perpetual trophy in honor of this distinguished whippet who belonged to two special members of our clubs, Samara King and Anne Thatcher. For so many years, we enjoyed watching Nitro complete his ASFA FCh in very competitive style. He started out under the old NPR program but when the CRX program was developed his points from NPR transferred over to the WRA program and he distinguished himself by becoming the first CRX-XI. He earned this level in 2004 and stood as the sole "eleven" until 2007 when another dog joined him in this lifetime accomplishment. In the 14 years of the WRA program there are still only a handful of whippets that reached the tenth level and beyond. Since Nitro steadily earned his points throughout his lifetime we felt it only proper to name this a "lifetime achievement" award after him. The criteria for winning the award is: 1. The winner will be the whippet entrant who has achieved the highest CRX level. Points earned the day of the National meet will count should that push the whippet to the next level in its career. The winner must enter the regular WRA National race meet and compete in all programs of that meet. 3. Should there be more than one whippet at the same level, the award will go to the whippet with the highest score in the event of a tie with CRX level AND scoring, it will go to the dog coming off the board from the highest race).

This trophy will be awarded for the first time at the 2007 WRA Nationals and will continue to be awarded for a total of 15 years. At the end of 15 years it will be retired with the intent to give it to Sam and Anne.

In early 2007 he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but we honor his memory and longevity, stamina and ability he possessed to race well enough and earn enough points to elevate himself to CRX-XI. He was a special whippet.

Past Winners
Year Call Name Registered Name Owner
2007 Atilla Queenie's Casino Laptop Kathy Randolph, Sue Weilbacher and Cheri Boutelle
2008 JJ-S Lookout Blasting Zone Joanne Stewart
2009 Millie Bitterblue's Nnyktimene, CRX-IX Heather Loube
2010 Millie Bitterblue's Nnyktimene, CRX-IX Heather Loube
2011 Zinfandel WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker Anne & Matt Kelsey
2012 Zinfandel WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker Anne & Matt Kelsey
2013 Zinfandel WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker Anne & Matt Kelsey
2014 Streak Crosswind's Streak Of Lightning Linda Anderson
2015 Trixie Rosewood's Trix of the Trade Mike and Kathy Slater
2016 Codee SaeSi Fade to Black Mike & Teresa Hatton
2017 Codee SaeSi Fade to Black Mike & Teresa Hatton
2018 Tutu Longrun's Too Hot To Handle Bill & Sally Long
2019 Fig Wildabout The Zen of Zin Annie Kelsey
2021 Cutter QuiXandz Boy Who Waited Jenna Eberl
2022 Henry-B QuiXandz Rickybobby Steve Beiser