The Poeta Trophy

The Poeta Trophy, is offered by Louise Hoelscher (Poeta Whippets), in celebration of Windwalker Born in the USA, "Poet", who went undefeated, as a First Time Entered (FTE), to win the 2002 WRA National Race Meet.

Its purpose is to reward a young dog's first foray into adult racing, and at such a competitive event as a National meet.  It will be given, at each years national, to the High Scoring FTE, who has never run as an adult in any of the racing venues.

It was first presented in 2003.

Past Winners
Year Call Name Registered Name Owner
2003 Kaya Lyth Nortorious Kaya Sue Farebrother
2004 Betty WhosYourDaddy Chris Bowen
2005 CC Lyth Celilo Del Wasso
2006 Shax Notorious NY Shakedown Vicki Lamb
2007 Deuc Quixand Deucalion Rick York
2008 Eclipse Vitesse Northern Eclipse Bill Chapman
2009 Boston Qixand Sixx A.M. Jeff Kunze
2010 Tux Ragapple Tuxedo Gentleman Rolls The Dice Dawn Kelly
2011 Nona Kentfield Nona Manis Vickie Ngala
2012 Kiskis Whodathunkit Celeste Wilcox
2013 Godric Shannon Down Teach Me How to Dougie Shannon & Krystal Lyons
2014 Journey Crosswinds Don't Stop Believin' Linda Anderson
2015 Loona Red Loonatic Sue Weilbacher & Pam LeClair
2016 Miller QuiXandz Miller Lite Mike Hattery & Kara McCalvin
2017 Finch Wildabout's Smokin' Ace Marie Rees
2018 Beacon Longrun's Shine Bill & Sally Long
2019 Eggnog RR SaeSi Phat Phree Milk Punch Mary Magee
2021 Navi WildAbout Hey! Listen! Mandy & Patrick O'Leary
2022 Gnocchi Wildabout Gnocchi Alla Romana at TCS Jenette & Sidney Mackey, and Joelle Wolf
2023 Vento Velvetgun the Winter's Tale Dawn Scholz