Volant Buckeye Express, ARM'74
Breed: Whippet 
Color: Fn 
Sex: M
Born: 11- -72
10 Gen IC: 3.74675%
Bred by: M Gluhm & D Helton 
Owned by:  
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
AmCH Bettebrook Benchmark, ROM, 05-29-65, Rd/Brdl, HA660058, IC= 10.30477   AmEngCH Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, ROMX, 10-13-60, Rd Fn/wh, HA327775, IC= 11.20459   EngCH Bellavista Barry, 09-14-53, Rd Fn/wh,   EngCH Pilot Officer Prune, 11-11-45, Blu/fn/wh,  
Brekin Bright Spark,  
Myhorlyn Anita, Fn,   Myhorlyn Shooting Star, Fn,  
Myhorlyn Silver Belle,  
AmCH Pennyworth Ebony Princess, Blk/wh, HA226053, IC= 9.35085   AmCH Fleeting Falcon, 01-09-57, Brdl, H790500   EngCH Fleeting Father O'Flynn, Wh/fn/blu Mkgs,  
Fleeting Oldown Snipe, 09-07-53, Rd Brdl,  
AmCH Pennyworth Blue Iris, BIS, 04-11-53, Blu/Wh, H332954   AmCH Impressive of Mardormere, Wh/fn Mkgs, H086341  
AmEngCH Seagift Penniesworth, 03-05-50, Wh/blu, H205954  
Satin Doll, 09-07-68, Fn, IC= 28.77017   AmCH Rouget O'Lazeland, 03-27-61, Rd Fn/wh, HA196562, IC= 15.07604   AmCH Royal Coachman O'Lazeland, 01-20-60, Wh/fn,   AmCH Fisherman O'Lazeland, 05-20-57, Fn, H794415  
AmCH Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point, 09-21-52, Wh/fn, H305974  
AmCH Lorelei O'Lazeland, ROM, 06-10-57, Wh/brdl,   AmCH Meander Robin, 04-10-51, Wh/rd, H246872  
AmCH Dizzy Blond of Meander, ROM, 10-07-49, Brdl/wh,  
Heather Blue, 06-05-65, Brdl, IC= 16.86598   Hasty Royal Red, 05-24-63, Fn,   AmCH Rouget O'Lazeland, 03-27-61, Rd Fn/wh, HA196562  
Hasty Pearl, 04-28-61, Blu/wh,  
Becuna O'Lazeland, 05-03-61, Brdl,   AmCH Fisherman O'Lazeland, 05-20-57, Fn, H794415  
AmCH Windholme Mary Contrary, 04-06-57, Whfwn, H832890