Epinard Shelby of Wyndsor, ARM'71 FCH PCC CD
Color: Wh/Fn 
Sex: M
Born: 10-04-1969
10 Gen IC: 11.24178%
Bred by: Lynne Underwood 
Owned by: Jean and Vince Balint 
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
CanCH Emberson of Course, ARM'69, 07- -1967, Rd Fn/blk Msk, IC= 7.06007   AmCanCH Stars And Stripes of Suntan, CD, Brdl, HA470369, IC= 11.07142   AmCH Eyleland Double Or Nothing, 04-22-1962, Fn Brdl/wh, HA301056   Stoney Meadows Epic, ROM, 11-09-1954, Rd Fn/blk Msk, H497446  
Meander Double Or Quits, 09-23-1959, Brdl,  
AmCH Silver Song of Suntan, 04-12-1961, Slvr/fn, HA279058   Meander Magna Carta, 03-19-1957, Gldn Fn/wh,  
Wing Foot Molly, 01-25-1958, Slvr Fn/wh,  
AmCanCH Rockabye Ember of Course, ARM'69, 11- -1964, Fn, IC= 5.71745   Pennyworth Tumbleweed, Wh/fn,   AmCH Meander Pickpocket, 09-27-1956, Gldn Fn/wh, H670887  
Pennyworth Sagebrush, 10-02-1956, Fn, H637521  
AmCanCH Sonna Rockabye Baby, CD ARM, Rd Fn/blk Msk, HA845525   AmCanCH Gypsy Kelly, CD, HA235275  
CanCH Rockabye Black Mollie, 03-12-1958, Blk,  
Eyleland Hannah, FCH PRE-ARM, Fn, IC= 11.42170   Stoney Meadows Epic, ROM, 11-09-1954, Rd Fn/blk Msk, H497446, IC= 24.97812   Stoney Meadows Madrigal, 03-16-1953, Fn, H376126   AmCH Stoney Meadows Masquerade, Fn,  
Pocon Lucratia Silvia, H057589  
AmCH Stoney Meadows Make Believe, 06-11-1949, Fn, H133674   AmCH Stoney Meadows Masquerade, Fn,  
AmCH Fashion of Mardormere, Rose Fn,  
AmCH Great Circle Hester, Blu/fn, H580639, IC= 13.34285   CanCH Great Circle Sand Flea, 10-20-1952, Fn,   Picardia Sandpiper, Yel Fn, H055246  
Little Red Riding Hood,  
AmCH Great Circle Bewitched, 10-23-1952, Fn/wh, H295155   AmCH Windholme Witchcraft, - -1948, H077328  
Picardia Poppins, 05-23-1949, Blu/fn, H132816