AmCH Marial's Padneyhill Illusion, ARM'78 CD
Breed: Whippet 
Color: Blk/Wh 
Sex: M
Born: 06-06-77
Reg.# HC544550 
10 Gen IC: 2.66944%
Bred by: Mary Beth Arthur 
Owned by: Mary Beth Arthur 
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
AmCanCH Marial King Arthur, CD ROM, Wh/fn, HB185077, IC= 6.80939   AmCH Forest Slim Jim, CD, Wh/rd Brdl, HA120793, IC= 9.70060   AmCH Red Letter O'Lazeland, 04-21-59, Rd/wh, HA006022   AmEngCH Ravenslodge Solitaire, 12-09-51, Wh/blu/fn, H800602  
AmCH Lorelei O'Lazeland, ROM, 06-10-57, Wh/brdl,  
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AmCH Stoney Meadows Make Believe, 06-11-49, Fn, H133674  
Meander Ribbons, 06-07-60, Blk Brdl,   The Baron of Birdneck Point, 04-01-53, Fn,  
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Padneyhill Moonbeam, IC= 1.55468   Padneyhill Moonraker, IC= 0.00000   EngCH Telstar Moon, 07-08-62, Fn,   EngAusCH Playmate of Allways, 04-15-59, Fn/wh,  
Vahlay Bluesette,   Djinn of Woodside,  
Vahlay Goose Girl,  
Padneyhill Moondance, IC= 0.00000   Rearsbylea Roderick,   EngCH Deepridge Mintmaster, 04-21-66, Fn Brdl/wh, 1709BA  
Rearsbylea Teighways Tamidora,  
Padneyhill Henrietta,   Nimrodel Blue Streak,  
Wingedfoot Jacqueline,