Regalstock Panama Red, ARM'78
Breed: Whippet 
Color: Wh/Rd Brdl 
Sex: M
Born: 08-06-76
Reg.# HC640727 
10 Gen IC: 9.58810%
Bred by: Dave Rosenstock 
Owned by:  
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
Van Oorschot Toro, ARM'73 ROMX, 02-16-72, Blu Brdl/wh, HB678679, IC= 0.00000   Midst Du Pilier Rouge, 12-07-63, Wh/brdl, HB017926, IC= 0.00000   Jassy Bro-Gornog,   E'Boy Des Balmes,  
G'Hermine Des Bons Amis,  
Brittelay Jumping Girl,   Springmere Wagger,  
AmCH Springmere Lady Jet,  
AmCH Van Oorschot Val O'Legendary, 02-16-72, Fn Brdl, HB390743, IC= 8.75975   AmCH Legendary Broadway Joe, Fn, HB230764   AmCH Pinetops Opening Knight, ARM'69, 08-29-66, Fn, HA801805  
Madcap Time Limit, 07-02-65, Fn,  
Hollypark Fortune Cookie, Br,   AmCH Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, ROM, 08-11-64, Wh/brdl, HA582504  
AmCH Eyleland Brown Betty, Blk Msk/fn Brdl, HA234178  
Topper Wistful of Regalstock, ROMX, Wh/Fn, HB906701, IC= 10.80238   AmCH Pinetops Opening Knight, ARM'69, 08-29-66, Fn, HA801805, IC= 22.15426   AmCH Madcap Timeless, 07-02-65, Ylw/fn/blk Msk, HA652717   AmCH Great Circle Mad Hatter, 06-03-58, Wh Fn, H843797  
Great Circle Tosca, 09-28-59, Fn, HA014187  
AmCH Madcap Stage Struck, 05-20-64, Fn, HA560858   AmCH Great Circle Skibbereen, 07-10-60, Fwn Wh, HA91149  
Great Circle Tosca, 09-28-59, Fn, HA014187  
Crick-E-Su Lovin' Lily, 02-25-67, Wh/fn, HB024915, IC= 15.04476   AmCH Royal Coachman O'Lazeland, 01-20-60, Wh/fn,   AmCH Fisherman O'Lazeland, 05-20-57, Fn, H794415  
AmCH Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point, 09-21-52, Wh/fn, H305974  
Seven League Serenade, Wh,   AmCH Meander Good As New, 02-01-59, Fn/wh, H989332  
AmCH Seven League Songbird, Wh/brdl, HA147186