Supersedes: 1-1-00

Effective: 2-1-2001


1. Update the Appendix. (1998)

2. Authorize the Board of Directors to commission an artist to design a logo for the WRA. (1998)

3. Authorize the NRD to enter into Negotiations with other straight racing organizations for the purpose of combining those organizations. The results of the negotiations will be voted on by the members to accept or reject the results of the negotiations. (1998)

4. That the parent club start a "box reimbursement" program. That any new (has not held a WRA, or other racing venue such as CWA or NAWRA meet) club that purchases boxes and holds WRA meets, would be REIMBURSED $100 ON THE DATE OF EACH OF THEIR FIRST THREE WRA MEETS. [This would give clubs incentive to both purchase boxes and hold WRA meets.] (2000)

5. That the parent club make a $200 charitable donation each year. This could be to the AWC Health Foundation, to a Vet School or other organization that would ultimately benefit Whippets. Each club could submit one candidate and they could be voted on at each yearís national, with the check then going out prior to year-end. (2000)

6. That anyone who feels he/she has a claim against WRA for monies spent have to submit receipts to the Treasurer by January 15, of each year for the previous year, or forfeit all claims to said reimbursement. (2000)

7. That $2,500 of the current bank balance be put into a CD. It would still be available if needed but would be earning interest. (2000)

8. That the parent club increase itís annual "trophy donation" for the WRA National from $100 to $200. This would put some of the per-capita money back with the clubs. (2000)