The Whippet Racing Association has several perpetual trophies which are awarded at the National Race Meet each year.
For anyone wanting to sponsor a new trophy.............As of September 2005......."Any new perpetual trophy must be approved by a majority vote of the board of directors, in order to be offered at the national race meet. "
As of the 2014 National Race Meet, there are the following perpetual trophies.
1. The Tutty Sue Memorial Trophy, for the Meet Winner.
2. The Bialy, for the Highest Scoring Bitch.
3. The National Puppy Meet Trophy, for the Puppy Meet Winner.
4. The Poeta, for the Highest Scoring FTE.
5. The Laddie, for the dog that has run in,  the most national race meet, either as an adult or puppy.  Seniors, and legends do not count.  Dog must complete meet to win trophy.
6. The Nitro Trophy for the highest level CRX dog to finish the meet
7. The Pixie Prize, Presented to the oldest dog in the Top Ten.
*. The Top Ten Plaques, Presented to the Top Ten finishers at the WRA National Race Meet.
   Retired Perpetual Trophies
The Woody, for the Valiant Effort.
The Flyer, for the Average Dog.
The Dreams, for the Puppy Meet Winner.
The Ios, for the Highest Scoring Bitch with a WRCh or RCh, ORC, & FCh.