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(updated 01/01/07, supersedes 01/01/06) 

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2.1 Requirements for Whippet Racing Association Racing
Any group or club interested in participating in the WRA sponsored Racing and the Whippet Race Champion    (WRCh) programs must demonstrate to the National Race Director the ability to fulfill the requirements of     the program as listed in The Official Rules and Regulations, by:
  1. Conducting a qualifying WRA Race Meet.
  2. Have sponsored National Point Racing under the rules set forth by the AWC prior to 4/10/96, and within two years of the request.
  2. Have been granted a waiver of the requirement for a qualifying meet by the NRD using the below listed criteria.
2.2 Requirements for a Qualifying Whippet Racing Association Race Meet.
  1 The group or Club requesting a qualifying WRA Meet must sent the request to the NRD at least 60 days in advance of requested date, in writing, although initial contact may be by telephone.  The Group or Club requesting an approved WRA Meet must hold at least one (1) successful Qualifying Meet.
  2 The Group or Club must have a minimum of fifteen (15) adult Whippets starting in the first race program.
  3 There should be four complete race programs.  Three programs would be acceptable only in the event of severe weather or other racing conditions that would make further racing hazardous to the Whippets and/or their owners.  The reduction to only three programs must be with the approval of the RRC or his/her representative at the qualifying meet, or the Race Secretary for said meet.
  4 Results of the race meet must be sent to the NRD within two weeks, with a copy to the RRC.
  5 The official qualifying race meet must be free of written, factual complaints to the NRD.
  6 The group or club requesting permission for a WRA meet must show they are capable of operating a race meet under WRA Official Rules and Regulations.
Following compliance with all of the above requirements, the NRD will then notify the group or club of official approval to hold WRA Race meets and of their acceptance as a WRA member Club.  At this time the new Member Club will be asked to inform the NRD of the identity and location of its Member representative.
2.3 Requirements for granting a waiver of the requirement for a Qualifying Meet
  1 Has an experienced Race Secretary.
  2 Either has other trained people to do the necessary work within the club, or a guarantee of help from trained people from other clubs who will also help train the host clubs workers at the meet.
  3 The National Race Director, or another individual appointed by the NRD, must attend the race meet to observe.  Based on the observer’s report the NRD may grant or deny permission for further Race Meets or require a Practice meet before another Race Meet may be held. 
2.4 Scheduling of Approved Whippet Racing Association Race Meets

Any approved group or club must write or otherwise communicate with the RRC having jurisdiction, requesting race dates at least sixty (60) days in advance of the proposed Official Race Meet.

The RRC will give preference to clubs that asks for dates on which they traditionally hold race meets.

The number of weekends into the year (see the corresponding dates table, in the race meet section of the website) will decide what is the traditional date for a race meet, with the following exception:

A) Those clubs that have meets tied to a specific weekend in a month, or a holiday shall be allowed to request ONE weekend, per year, that might not be the corresponding weekend per the corresponding dates table, for any particular year.
    Otherwise the RRC is to disapprove a date only for reasons of date conflict. All other problems or questions on race dates must be handled directly by the NRD.

Announcements of an approved Whippet Race Meet should be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.  Should a cancellation be necessary, ALL ENTRANTS must be notified by the local Race Secretary.  Any means possible may be used for notification as long as all entrants are notified.  Notification may be carried out by, but is not limited to, letter, telephone, e-mail, or instant messaging.  The Registrar/Recorder must be notified as soon as possible of a cancellation by the local Race Secretary.


No Member Club will hold WRA race meets on more than four (4) weekends per year within a radius of one hundred (100) miles of one another. (Each weekend may contain one or two WRA meets, for a maximum of eight WRA meets per club per year.)

Weekends when race meets are held in conjunction with the AWC (American Whippet Club) or NWCC (National Whippet Club of Canada) National Specialty or an AWC or NWCC Regional Specialty, and held on a weekend other than one of the traditional weekends used by the host club, will not count against the limit of four weekends per year with WRA racing.

  4 A Member Club may hold two (2) Race Meets in one weekend.
  5 Two (2) Clubs may have meets in conjunction with each other on the same weekend if the race meets are no more than fifty (50) miles from each other.  Special permission for a greater separation may be given by the NRD in some cases if requested by both Member Clubs.
  6 Regardless of regional boundaries, WRA race meets may be held on the same weekend provided the meet locations are separated by a driving distance of 400 miles.  (For convenience, a computerized mapping program may be used to determine driving distance.)
2.5 Running an Official Race Meet

The Group or Club must have a minimum of 15 adult Whippets starting the first race heat.


There should be four complete race heats.  Three heats would be acceptable only in the event of severe weather or other racing conditions that would make further racing hazardous to the Whippets and/or their owners.  The reduction to only three heats must be with the approval of the RRC or his/her representative at the meet, or the Race Secretary for said meet, and with a 2/3 or greater vote from those in participation at that meet.


  3 Checking dogs in, refer to section 3.2
  4 Setting the board, refer to section 5.3
  5 Reporting results, refer to section 2.6
2.6 Reporting Results of an Official Race Meet
By the end of Tuesday immediately following the completion of the meet, the approved group or club operating a WRA Meet must enter the results for the meet in the meet reporting section of the official WRA Web Site.
Once the Race Secretary has entered the results and checked for errors he or she will notify the Registrar/Recorder by e-mail or phone that the results are ready for verification.
The Webmaster will provide the location of the website, login information, password and instructions for reporting results and use of the web site to all Race Secretaries, the Secretary/Treasurer, the Registrar/Recorder, the Awards Chairman and the NRD.
  2.6.1 In the event that the official Web Site ceases to exist or is down for more than two weeks the following procedures will apply.

By the Monday immediately following the completion of the meet, the Registrar/Recorder must receive the results of the meet by phone, fax, or e-mail.  Within two weeks following the race meet, the approved group or club operating a WRA Meet must send the complete results of the meet to the NRD, the Registrar/Recorder, and the Regional Race Coordinator.  A sample WRA Race Report is shown in Figure 1.  These results should include the following information.

  Number of Whippet adults, and puppies starting.
  Registered name of each starter, its owner, and AKC Registration papers included for the first time entered (FTE) Whippets.
  Individual points, and placement earned by each Whippet.
  Placement or position, with race points earned, of each Whippet in each race or heat.  A photocopy of the race results sheets for each heat, copied from the results board, is the preferred way to do this.
  Names of Whippets eligible to receive WRCh or WRChX (National) points with the names and complete address of the owner(s).
  Disqualifications and scratches.
  Any other information needed to properly award WRA Title Points. Sending of the above information is compulsory, and it must be sent to the NRD, the RRC and the Registrar/Recorder in writing within two weeks following the meet.  Failure to supply this information could result in points being withheld.  This information is needed in order for all to maintain proper grading records.  The NRD will send all race reports to all RRC at year end.
  2.6.2 Per Capita Payment
    The local Race Secretary is to send the per capita fee for all dogs who started the meet, and the $2.00 registration fee for any dog not previously listed in the Grading Guide to the Registrar/Recorder, along with the final report and any registration papers collected.  This requirement covers both adult and puppy racers.

All records and fees must be received by the registrar/recorder within fourteen (14) days or be postmarked within ten (10) days of the Monday following the race meet.

2.7 National Meet
Once a year WRA will celebrate a National WRA Meet.  Member Club(s) are encouraged to volunteer to host this Meet and submit their request to the NRD by the same time rule proposals are due.  When more than one host club location has been received, Club Members will be allowed to vote to determine the National Meet location.  If no club requests to host the National Meet, then the NRD may solicit a host club.
  2.7.1 Seniors and Legends Classes

In addition to the regular puppy and adult classes held at the National Meet, the host club is encouraged to have the special classes of Seniors and Legends. 


The criteria for eligibility to run in either of these classes is that the dog has, or will have attained the age limitation as follows:


If the national is held prior to June 30th that the dog will have turned either 9 or 11 prior to June 30th of that year.


If the national is held after July 1st, that the dog will have turned either 9 or 11 prior to December 31st of that year.

    1) Seniors will be for dogs that either are 9 years of age or who will turn 9 years of age within a maximum of 6 months after the date of the national.
    2) Legends will be for dogs that either are 11 years of age or who will turn 11 years of age within a maximum of 6 months after the date of the national

Legends and Seniors classes must run at least 100 yards, but can run any distance from 100 to 200 yards at the owners discretion.  All owners must agree on any variance of distance.


These classes will run once, unless there are over 6 entries.  It there are over 6 dogs entered in the class, then they will run twice, and the winner of the second race shall be declared the winner of the class.  Entrants in these classes will NOT count toward the number of adult starters, for the purpose of awarding Championship and National Points.

2.8 Nonaffiliated Events
The Lure Coursing, Oval Racing, Exhibition Racing of AKC registered Whippets, or other breeds must not interfere with the conduct of an official WRA Race Meet.  Nor may such events be advertised or construed as part of the WRA race program.
2.9 Official Entry Blank for Approved WRA Race Meets
A sample official WRA entry blank appears in the Appendix.  The official entry blank must be sent to the local Race Secretary, with all the information requested on the form, by the entrant.  Grade and average information will be taken from the grading guide if one is available.  If a Whippet is first time entered (FTE), it should be so noted in the average column.  All titles that each Whippet has earned should be noted on the entry form, and check, cash, or money order should be included for entry fees.
Alternately, the Quick entry form, also found in the Appendix, may be used.  This Quick Entry Form will contain the Club Name, Date of the Meet, Name of the Race Secretary, the dogs Call Name and Registered Name with all titles, the Owners Name, Class (Adult, Puppy or Veteran), whether FTE (yes or no), the required disclaimer of Liability, the Owners, or Agents, Signature and address.
The following statement must appear on all entry forms returned and must be signed by the actual owner, or the owner’s agent, of Whippet or Whippets entered.
"I and my heirs, legal representatives and assignees shall hold harmless and defend ________________(Name of Club), its officers, directors, committeemen and agents, from any claim arising from participation in this event.  I agree to abide by the Official Rules and Regulations of the Whippet Racing Association during the period of this race meeting."
Actual Owner of Whippet or Owners Agent ______________________________  Date __________
The recommended closing entry dates for clubs and groups sponsoring WRA meets should be 7 to 10 days prior to the approved race meet.
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