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The Whippet Racing Association sponsors and supports Whippet Races as a part of its overall Breed Improvement Program.  The authority and responsibility for the administration and operation is delegated to the National Race Director and Board of Directors.  The authority to operated the WRA Race Meets is then delegated to the local Club or Group.
1.1 Purpose of the Whippet Racing Program
  To encourage properly trained, registered race Whippets to compete against one another in an organized manner, in a safe environment, with high quality equipment, and knowledgeable people in charge.
  To respect the all-purpose Whippet as:
  A racer with speed, endurance and intelligence.
  A dog with proper conformation to be able to compete in all Whippet activities.
  A friend and companion, of disposition and discipline to be a pet in the home.
  To reward race Whippets with recognition commensurate with their ability as outlined in the award program.  (See 7.5, Titles Awarded by the Whippet Racing Association.)
1.2 Whippets Eligible to Participate in the WRA's Racing Program
  ■         Whippet must be registered by the American Kennel Club or The Canadian Kennel Club.  A Whippet with a foreign  registration (and a certified COO pedigree of three generations) shall be issued a temporary WRA registry, and be allowed to race for a period of six (6) months, subject to receiving AKC registration.  This temporary registry  may be extended for a period of three (3) months.  No further extensions will be permitted.  Any points toward a WRCh, or WRChX under the temporary registry shall be awarded to the dog upon receipt of its AKC registration.  In the event that the dog is not AKC registered within the maximum nine (9) month time frame, any WRCh/WRChX points garnered by said dog shall then be awarded to the 2nd place dog (and on down the line of winners) in the meet(s) in which the points were awarded.
  Any disqualification covered in the AKC Whippet Standard of the Breed, or any AKC disqualification, applies to any Whippet racing in a WRA meet.
  Prior to the first WRA Practice or official WRA Meet in which a Whippet will participate, a copy of the AKC  or CKC registration and $2.00 registration fee should be sent to the Registrar/Recorder.  However, the copy of the Whippet’s registration may be sent with the race results by the Club Secretary.  A litter registration  number will be accepted on Whippet racers 8 to 14 months of age for entries in the puppy class only,  but at the adult level, 14 months, an individual registration number is required.
  The person entering a Whippet for racing, must be the owner of the Whippet, or be the authorized agent for said Whippet, or be in possession of the AKC papers transferring the ownership to the name of the person  entering the Whippet for racing.
  Whippets carrying Indefinite Listing Papers (ILP) are NOT eligible to run in the WRA Program.
  Spayed/Neutered Whippets are eligible to run in all WRA events.
  Whippets with the following AKC or WRA disqualifications may be raced only when they have been spayed or neutered.
  Blue or China Colored Eyes.
  Undershot Jaw.
  Overshot Jaw [One-Quarter (1/4) inch or more.]
  A veterinarian’s certificate, signed and dated, must be presented to the inspection committee each time the Whippet is inspected for a race meet.  Any Whippet which is found to have raced at any WRA race meet under false neutering papers will automatically have all titles and points toward all titles revoked.  Any WRCh or WRChX points will be assigned to the next Whippet in line for the points.  The number of WRCh and WRChX points for the race meet will be unaffected by a Whippets revocation.
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