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(updated 01/01/06, supercedes 01/01/05)

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Any Whippet who fouls other racers based on unnecessary, intentional bumping, fighting, riding or interfering in a race, will be disqualified from all placements in the race where the foul was committed.  The Whippet or Whippets causing the intentional foul will not be allowed to race again during that particular WRA Meet.  All racing points accumulated by a Whippet before an intentional foul will be allowed.  For more information regarding "fouling situations," please see "Lets Get Something Straight," in the appendix.
Only the Foul Judges can disqualify a racer and they should do this fearlessly, but only when sure of the identity of the hound.  Prior to discussing the foul with ANY OTHER PERSON, each Foul Judge shall write the foul on his/her Foul Judge Report Form.  Then each Foul Judge shall go directly to the Race Secretary or Head Foul Judge (if one has been appointed) and show the written report.  If a majority of all, with a minimum of two, in the case of three) Foul Judges have written up the same foul, then the Race Secretary shall issue a written notice of Disqualification to the owner (or handler) of the hound stating the foul committed and race/program that it occurred.  The written notice must be given prior to re-drawing of the score board for the next program.

The original foul judge reports and a copy of the notice given to the owner/handler must be forwarded to the Registrar/Recorder and be held for a minimum of 21 days.

If a minority of the foul judges calls a foul, the owner of the Whippet will be told that a minority of the foul judges called a foul on their Whippet, that it is not disqualified, and there may be a problem that the owner would wish to address to prevent a future disqualification.
4.1 Adult DQs
  Any adult Whippet disqualified twice (2 times) for "Intentional Interference" in any one (1) year (twelve (12) month period beginning with the date of the first foul) will not be allowed to race again until 12 months, from the date of the second foul.
  Should an adult Whippet with two (2) disqualifications in one twelve (12) month period beginning with the date of the first foul again race in the following 12 month period, or periods, and be disqualified for "Intentional Interference," said Whippet will be permanently barred from all future WRA Meets.
  Should an adult Whippet with two (2) disqualifications in one twelve (12) month period beginning with the date of the first foul again race in the following 12 month period or periods and run clean for six (6) race meets or twenty-four (24) complete heats, one of the two fouls will be removed.
  Any adult Whippet racing with one foul or disqualification in any one year (twelve (12) month period beginning with the date of the first foul may  continue to race as long as it incurs only one foul per twelve (12) month period beginning with the date of the first foul.
4.2 Puppy DQs
  Any puppy racer (8 to 14 months) disqualified for "Intentional Interference" twice, while running as a puppy, will not be allowed to race further within twelve (12) months of the second foul, either as a puppy or an adult.
4.3 Owner Conduct and Other Considerations for Possible Dismissals
  Owner making frivolous claims of fouls not allowed by officials are subject to having their Whippets dismissed at that particular meeting and a full report covering frivolous claims sent to all Member Club Representatives for distribution to their club members.
  Owners who walk toward their Whippets on the track area while a race is in progress and interfere with the other dogs in the race can have their Whippets dismissed, if so ruled by the racing officials in charge.
  No owner or handler will be allowed to remain within six (6) feet of the starting box, after the Whippets have been loaded and the starter is preparing to release the Whippets for the start of the race.  Such action can cause a dismissal of owner’s Whippet in said race.  Handlers must stay outside the designated track area.  Handlers are not allowed to touch the lure or have any type of lure to tease his/her Whippets once the racer has been placed in the starting box.  No owner or handler should be at the front of the starting box after the Whippets are loaded in their respective stalls.  Any action by an owner or handler attempting to take unfair advantages of other Whippets in a given race can cause owner/handler to be excused from said meet and all accumulated race points at that meeting will be canceled.
  All persons waiting to catch a Whippet at the finish of a race must stand outside the designated track area and beyond the finish line.
  Owners or visitors should not be standing at the trackside with their dogs on a lead.  Such Whippets on leads can distract the Whippets running in a race.  If owners are advised by judges or by the Race Secretary that their dogs are creating possible interference, Whippets owned by these people who do not respond to the request, will have their Whippets dismissed, and all points canceled for that meet.
  Any loose dog entering the track area more than once during a race will be excused by the local Race Secretary from further competition during said meet.  A fine of $5.00 will be assessed to any owner having a dog that gets loose from the time the Whippets leave the paddock until the lure stops and the race Whippets stop at or pass the lure after the finish line.  This fee must be paid before the Whippet can run in the next program.  This is necessary for the safety of Whippets, handlers, owners and visitors.
  Race muzzles that are of poor construction may not be used running WRA races.  If the Paddock Judge or Race Secretary find muzzles of poor construction, a Whippet will not be allowed to race until a muzzle that is acceptable and in good condition is provided.  Races are not to be delayed because of improper muzzles.  Very hard plastic muzzles with sharp corners, heavy wire muzzles with metal in the nose strip that could injure another Whippet during or at the finish of a race should not be used.  Muzzles that allow a Whippet to grab the lure at the end of a race are forbidden.
  If a Whippet loses its muzzle in two races, the owner will be warned by the Race Secretary that said Whippet may be excused from the current meet and all racing points voided.  If a muzzle comes off in the starting box or during the running of a third race the Race Secretary may excuse the Whippet.  Again for safety, every effort must be made to minimize injury during or at the finish of a race due to muzzles of poor quality.
4.4 Rerunning of a Race
  Only the Race Secretary may decide to rerun a race.  The Race Secretary will gather evidence from the Box Operator, Foul Judge or Lure Operator, as appropriate to the reason for a possible rerun, in deciding whether or not, to rerun a race.
  If a Whippet or Whippets catch or pass the lure, or any part of the lure, at any point from the starting box to the finish line, it will be declared “NO RACE,” and the race will be rerun after a rest period of twenty (20) minutes.
  If the starting box fails to open properly, giving any starter an unfair advantage or disadvantage, the race will be rerun after a period of at least twenty (20) minutes.  The decision must be made by the Box Operator and Race Secretary only.
  If a Whippet or Whippets not running in a race should escape from their owners and interfere with the actual racers, affecting the finish, the   race is to be rerun.  If the escaped Whippet or Whippets in no way interfered with the racers, then the race should be declared official.  (Do not rerun an official race unless there is absolute certainty that the outcome of the race was altered by outside interference.)
  A race may be rerun on extremely rare occasions when there is undue intentional roughness based on extreme interference involving many Whippets in a race.
  A race will not be rerun or a Whippet placed in a substitute race if a Whippet is left out of a program through human error on the part of racing officials.  It is the Whippet owner’s responsibility to check the official score board to make certain his/her Whippets have been placed for the following program.
4.5 Cautions
  Any Puppy or adult Whippet who “INTENTIONALLY INTERFERES” in a qualifying schooling races may be temporarily excused from a race meet if the Race Secretary at said meeting feels such a Whippet would create interference during the said officials race meet.
  Any adult or puppy who fails to finish a race, or finish in a true racing style will receive no racing score.  The Racing Secretary MAY ALLOW further racing of this Whippet, but should it not finish another race, then it will be excused from the remainder of the WRA meet and no refund will be made.
  It is the responsibility of the Whippet owner to see that his/her racer is listed on the paddock identification board before each race program.  (See “Rerunning of a Race.”)
  It is the responsibility of the owner to go postward promptly with his/her racer when a scheduled race is called to the post.  Any Whippet left out of a race due to neglect or oversight on the part of the owner will not be allowed to race further at that particular race meet.
  It is the responsibility of the owner to arrange to have a “catcher”before the start of each race.
  No Whippet should have its muzzle removed at the finish of a race until it has been taken from the track area.
  No Whippet participating in a race may be carried to the starting box.  All whippets must walk to the starting box.
4.6 Protest Procedures
  Any person racing a Whippet at a race meet held under the Official Rules and Regulations for The Whippet Racing Association has the right to lodge a claim of protest in writing with the NRD.  Such a person must first contact the local Race Secretary with the complaint.  If the matter is not settled to satisfaction, said person may then contact the Regional Racing Coordinator having jurisdiction at the race meet for his ruling.  The protest to the RRC must be filed within 10 week days of the race meet.  If the dispute cannot be handled regionally, then a complaint should be forwarded to the NRD.  A check for $20.00, made payable to “The Whippet Racing Association,” must accompany the complaint.  The $20.00 will be returned to the person making the claim if it is considered justifiable by the NRD and the Protest Committee after a thorough and  impartial investigation has been made of the complaint.  The same policy covers misconduct charges.  Protest of the conduct of a WRA meet must be settled before any WRA Title points can be awarded.  The Protest Committee may sanction the Member club through any means it chooses, up to but not including suspension, such as fines or requiring the running of Practice meets.  The Protest Committee is not required to disallow a race meet if, in its opinion the Rules violation did not compromise the integrity of the placements in the race meet.  If suspension is appropriate then the Committee will advise the NRD to invoke the procedures for Suspension and Expulsion as stated in the Bylaws.
  If the protest involves any official (for example, Race Secretary at the meet in question, RRC of the Region where the meet took place) the protest procedure will bypass that person and immediately move to the next level.
  If the protest involves the NRD, or a dog or dogs owned or handled by the NRD, the protest will be handled by the Secretary/Treasurer if the protest goes beyond the Local Race Secretary and RRC.
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