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(updated 01/01/06, supercedes 01/01/05)

PDF version of Policies and Procedures

1. Update the Appendix. (1998)
2 Authorize the Board of Directors to commission an artist to design a logo for the WRA. (1998)
3 Authorize the NRD to enter into Negotiations with other straight racing organizations for the purpose of combining those organizations.  The results of the negotiations will be voted on by the members to accept or reject the results of the negotiations. (1998)
4 That the parent club have a "starting box reimbursement" program.  That any new (has not held a WRA, or other racing venue such as CWA or NAWRA meet) club which acquires starting boxes prior to or within thirty-six months of their first race meet, the meet which made them a WRA member, and continues to hold WRA meets would be reimbursed $100 for each of their first three WRA meets.  (2000, updated 2004)

That the parent club set aside $200 from each years income, to be used to directly benefit Whippets.  This doesn't necessarily have to be to an organized charity, but can also be used to help individual whippet owners who are faced with unexpected expenses.  The WRA will not accept applications for these monies, but will consider situations brought to its attention.  A 2/3 vote of the WRA board is necessary to make any grant.  In any year that it is not given, the money will accumulate for this purpose.(updated 2005)

6 That anyone who feels he/she has a claim against WRA for monies spent have to submit receipts to the Treasurer by January 15, of each year for the previous year, or forfeit all claims to said reimbursement. (2000)
7 That $2,500 of the current bank balance be put into a CD.  It would still be available if needed but would be earning interest. (2000)
8 That the parent club increase it’s annual "trophy donation" for the WRA National from $100 to $200.  This would put some of the per-capita money back with the clubs. (2000)
9 That the Board explore the feasibility of Incorporation and/or Tax Exempt Status.  If the findings are favorable the WRA will file for either or both Incorporation and Tax Exempt Status, and will change the wording of the Constitution and Bylaws at that time. (2001)
10 That the parent club initiate a program of "Top Ten" awards.  This would consist of presenting plaques to all of the dogs finishing in the top 10 for each year, beginning with 2001. (2001)
11 That the parent club make the top 10 awards program retroactive to the beginning of WRA, and present plaques to each of the top 10 dogs for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. (2001)
12 That all "official" mailings to all clubs (rule books, ballots etc) be sent "return receipt requested".  Rationale is to KNOW that all clubs are receiving all official documents. (2002)
13 At the "fun match" held each year in conjunction with the WRA National Race Meet, along with the Best in Match, the judge will have a number of select awards to be given at his/her discretion.  The number of awards will be one for each 25 entries, not to exceed five (5).  The parent club will sponsor these select awards and provide the rosettes to be given. (2004)
14 Each year the Parent Club will present a "Breeder of the #1 dog" award.  This will go to the person(s) who bred the #1 dog for the previous year.  It will be presented in conjunction with the "Top Ten" plaques.  (2004)
15 The Parent Club will institute a series of awards for multiples of the WRChX Title.  The WRChX will continue to receive a Title Certificate, but any multiple will receive an award ie: Laser engraved crystal block or some variation thereon.  (2004)

DefinDefinition of "Blind". According to Mary Beth O’Neill, head of performance events and judges education, as of 06/28/05. A dog that is blind in one eye, and has normal sight in the other eye is "not blind by definition". A dog with one eye surgically removed would be considered to have been "surgically altered" and if it came into the show ring would be excused. However, from a performance standpoint, if it had normal vision in the remaining eye, it would NOT be considered to be blind. Therefore the Whippet Racing Association Board has decided to allow entry of such a dog at the discretion of individual clubs and the dog’s owner. (June 28, 2005)

17 Perpetual Trophies........
  As of 2005 there are now seven (7) perpetual trophies for dogs winning various and assorted positions at the WRA national race meet.  Keeping up with these trophies and the fragility of one of them prompted the board to make some decisions concerning these trophies.
  a) Any new perpetual trophy must be approved by a majority vote of the board of directors, in order to be offered at the national race meet. (September 16, 2005)

The "Tutty Sue Memorial Trophy" for the meet winner will no longer be a traveling trophy.  This trophy cost the WRA considerable time and money and when enclosed in a packing crate weighs 70 +/- pounds, and costs about $75 to ship.  Therefore the winner will, beginning with the 2005 national, get a plaque recognizing the win. (September 16, 2005)


For the other perpetual trophies, which will continue to be "traveling trophies", again beginning in 2005, the winner will have to sign a form, acknowledging winning the trophy, taking receipt of the trophy, and taking responsibility for getting it to the next year’s trophy chair.  This will be a two part form, both parts of which will kept by the WRA Secretary, with one copy being mailed to the trophy recipient six (6) weeks prior to the next national, giving them the name and address of that year’s trophy chair. (September 16, 2005)

18 Unless otherwise specified by the Rules Committee, the due date for Rule Change Proposals is September 1st of each year.  Any rule change proposal received after 11:59pm (Secretary’s local time) on September 1st, will be held for the following year. (September 16, 2005)

Offers to host the WRA National Race Meet and Fun Match must be in before September 1st at 11:59pm (NRD’s local time) each year, for multiple requests to be voted on by the membership.  If no request to hold the National is received by the closing date the first offer received after 9-1 will be granted, if, in the NRD’s judgment the club is capable of hosting the National.  Second offers received after the closing date will not be entertained. (September 16, 2005)

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